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  • Hangover: Partied last night? Get revived! This will hydrate and rejuvenate your body and cells after a long night. It helps by minimizing body aches, headaches, and relieves fatigue. 

  • Radiant Skin: Beauty from within! Get luxurious skin with a natural glow. Enrich your skin and reduce wrinkles, while fortifying your hair & nails from the inside by using our radiant skin IV.

  • Infuse Me: Jet Lag Resolve or Exhaustion? This rejuvenating comprehensive solution works to boost your energy, rehydrate, detoxify and leave you feeling vibrant and revived.

  • Myers Cocktail: Overall Goodness! This IV therapy helps to revitalize you and relieve your symptoms to bring you back to a happy equilibrium! 

  • Hydration Helper: Feeling Dry? Rehydration is the key to jump start your body so you can tackle what comes next.

  • Muscle Recovery:  Relieves soreness and speeds up recovery time from an intense workout so you feel better faster. 

  • Vitamin C Mega: Enhances your immune response by adding nutrients to replenish and excite the immune system. Reduce cold and flu symptoms with a high dose of vitamin C and antioxidants.

  • Supercharged performance and Stamina: Gets you back on you "A" game! Helps to revitalize you plus, Arginine an amino acid improves the body's blood flow, performance and stamina. 

  • Stay ready and boosted in with our Immunity Booster, Tri-Immune Injection $60 each or $145 (for 3 or more)

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