About Us

Compassionate Infusion Services was founded in 2015. Pamela McField is the CEO of Compassionate Infusion, a registered nurse, entrepreneur and philanthropist. A few years ago, Ms. McField went through the process of launching Compassionate Infusion Services from the ground up. She is now an established businesswoman-having recently expanded her business operations to include a Clinic in the Maldives. Ms. McField or Ms. Pam, as her patients call her, has been a Registered Nurse for 20 years. She acquired her nursing skills from a variety of settings before starting Compassionate Infusion Services. She has worked in hospitals, as a traveling nurse, a health facilities evaluator, and home infusions.

Compassionate Infusion (CIS) is world class when it comes to servicing you or a loved one so you can live life your own way -- which is why she has dedicated 20+ years to the nursing profession, and given compassionate and professional care. Ms. Pam or Nurse Pam, as her patients call her was a traveling phlebotomist before becoming a registered nurse. She would travel to patient’s homes and draw their laboratory specimens because they were not able to get to the hospital. Nurse Pam saw many patients, obtained many laboratory specimens and provided competent and professional care. This experience was the precursor to her nursing career and her passion for infusion therapy. 

Her compassion and dedication to the nursing profession led her to play a vital role in assisting patients who receive their infusions at home.

It is our goal to provide our patients’ the highest quality of care in a supportive environment and give them, A Service With Heart.

What is Specialty Infusion

  • Specialty infusion therapy involves accessing a vein, as it relates to venipuncture and indwelling IV catheters that are puncturing the skin to allow drug delivery through a vein. This method of giving medications intravenously (via a vein) or subcutaneously (underneath the skin) is used to treat a variety of acute and chronic conditions.

  • Medications are compounded using a sterile room environment.

  • Compassionate Infusion coordinates visits in the clinic, home or the office with registered nurses to provide high quality, professional, and personalized care.